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     Vidalia Mayor Buz Craft acknowledged the city is over budget by millions of dollars. The Copeland administration did not let the public know about the looming financial crisis, until its last meeting in office, when it passed a 2017 budget of $32.3 million that included a $4.7 million  ... READ MORE

   Natchez celebrated its first mayoral "inauguration" this month. In the old days, we used to have the mayor and aldermen "sworn in." But this year, we went all out. No flyover of Blue Angels, nor did Mayor Grennell wear a an ermine cape or have the Archbishop of Canterbury ... READ MORE

    Today’s National Rifle Association is a trade association — protecting manufacturers — yet masquerades as a grassroots citizen rights movement.
    Today’s NRA has convinced legions of people that the Second Amendment ...    READ MORE

JULY  2016