February  2016

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 The Miss-Lou area has been plagued by high unemployment for many years. Recently, the jobs picture has improved in Southwest Mississippi but worsened in East Central Louisiana. The workforce has grown in our nearby counties but shrunk in the parishes. Here are the latest figures showing the jobless ... READ MORE

   Worried about this re-election bid, Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland called me several times in the past month to complain about my commentaries on city government.
    Copeland said voters know the city's electric rates are higher than the rates offered by other electric utilities in the area. But Vidalia's residents benefit from better... READ MORE


    President Barack Obama delivered  key addresses on the same day.
    Even though they are not exactly twins when it comes to their politics, there was a pattern. Both talked about where we had been, where we are now and what’s left to do.
    Both offered some specifics, but as is also often ...    READ MORE