Febuary 2017

    Following in increase in shootings and property crimes, Natchez Mayor Darryl Grennell has formed a task force to address residents' concerns about crime. The mayor, police chief, sheriff, constables and private citizens will meet in committee to see what can be done about the growing crime ... READ MORE

    Remember this one? Two people are standing on the shore looking at the vast ocean. One says, “Man, that’s a lot of water.” The other replies, “Yes, and that’s just the top of it.”
    Say there’s a real estate mogul. Say he’s waltzing through one of his buildings and sees two .....    READ MORE

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   Over 30 years, I've never written an editorial endorsing a candidate's election, although I've certainly disfavored some from being re-elected. That's because it's better to support actual policies on a case by case basis. Sometimes politicians .... READ MORE