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    Adams County's current  unemployment rate is 6.9% and 10,680 people have jobs. That's exactly the same number of jobs the county had a year ago at this time. Concordia Parish reports an 8.1% jobless rate, with 6,839 people working, down 87 jobs from a year ago. Catahoula Parish has a 9%  ... READ MORE

   Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland announced that Fruit of the Loom/Vidalia Apparel will donate its Vidalia distribution center, a 900,000 square foot building and 150 acres to the city, now that the company has announced it is closing here.
     Public officials are quite pleased... READ MORE


     In 1980, a silly movie, “Airplane,” was released. In one scene a passenger loses her composure. The other passengers line up. Each one more aggressively tries to slap her back to her senses. Perhaps members of the Mississippi Legislature can identify with the passenger.    READ MORE

JUNE  2016