Taxpayers looking for action from mayors' offices may be in luck in 2017.
    Fortunately, Ferriday, Vidalia and Natchez now have in office three mayors who tend not to not be game-players. Mayors Sherrie Jacobs, Buz Craft and Darryl Grennell all have the personality .... READ MORE


    It’s not often that the Kids’ Page, a syndicated feature printed in some newspapers, inspires a grownup, but it can happen.
    Last week’s page focused on the Jan. 15 birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Along with a word search, crossword puzzle and brief bio of the civil rights leader, there was a game .....    READ MORE

    Adams County reports 10,780 people working, down 170 jobs from a year ago. But unemployment rates have dropped, documenting the usual fourth quarter strength in economic activity. Adams County reports 7.3% jobless, Franklin 6%, Jefferson 10.9%, Claiborne, 9.8%, Wilkinson 8.3%, ... READ MORE

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January 2017