October  2016

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  Vidalia voters will choose a new city judge, either Stuart Boykin or Scott McLemore on Nov. 8, the same day as the presidential and congressional elections. The city judge handles misdemeanor cases, traffic offenses, some civil suits and juvenile matters. Vidalia will also select... READ MORE

    The Natchez-Adams County School District has suffered from poor leadership for more than 25 years. The slide has been that long, and it has mirrored the economic slide of the community as a whole.
    Aldermen and supervisors chose poorly when they made appointments,... READ MORE


 One night Ray Mabus was on the veranda of the presidential palace in Mexico City observing that nation’s independence day fireworks with the president of Mexico. The next he was in Mississippi to announce that two to-be-minted Navy ships will bear the names of Medal of Honor ....    READ MORE