September  2016

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  The Kingston Community Center caught fire and burned to the ground the morning of Sept. 10. Adams County volunteer and City of Natchez firefighters could not respond in time to save the historic school building. The center had been the site for fairs, meetings and local events ... READ MORE

    It really was no surprise that Adams County Supervisors voted themselves a raise of $4,300 a year. They'll earn $47,300 annually beginning Oct. 1. Compatriots Angela Hutchins, Calvin Butler and Ricky Gray indicated they wanted a fatter check, , even though they usually meet just twice a month for two or three hours,... READ MORE

  For every person who left this state in search of higher education last fall, more than five from other states enrolled at a Mississippi public university. Think about that. Then ask yourself whether it’s smart for the Legislature to continue reducing the slice of state income allocated to its eight....    READ MORE