May  2016

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    In the Natchez Democratic Primary, Darryl Grennell beat Tony Fields for mayor. Grennell earned 70% of the vote. As the Democratic nominee, Grennell faces Eric Junkin in the June General Election. Lisa Dale beat Carmen Brooks for municipal Winners of aldermen's races included   ... READ MORE

    Despite the hard work of Tony Fields and Darryl Grennell, I was a little bored by the mayor's campaign. The phrase, "lack of hope," comes to mind. It's not that they're not nice guys. Fields is a newbie in politics with not much of a track record, very quiet and not a leader among aldermen. ... READ MORE

     The premise of an offer to operate a charter school is, “Hey, we can do it better than you.”           
​    Gov. Phil Bryant repeated a call he also included when being inaugurated for his second term. He invited parents to “imagine a Mississippi where schools competed for students...    READ MORE