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Adams County reports 10,730 people employed, up 350 jobs from a year ago. Concordia Parish has 6,863 workers employed, down 86 jobs compared to last year at this time. Adams County has 8.6% jobless rate, Franklin 7.5%, Jefferson 15.8%, Claiborne 12.4%, Wilkinson ... READ MORE

  Natchez Mayor "Butch" Brown proved that despite his modest incapacity, he at 80% strength can out-manipulate and push around the aldermen, who supposedly have 100% of their capabilities.
    First, as Kevin Kirby's CVB spending practices came to light, instead of firing the man as he deserved, ... READ MORE


     Question: How many major political parties are there? The official answer is two. The reality is four.
    Take the Democrats. They’re split.U.S. Sen. Bernard “Bernie” Sanders, 74, has been in  public office since 1981. He lists himself as the only independent in the Senate and only became a ...    READ MORE

April  2016