August  2016

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 Miss-Lou jobs figures show a slight decline from the summer of 2015. Adams County reports a 9.2% jobless rate with 10,770 workers employed. Last year at this time, the county had an 8.6% unemployment rate and 10,850 people working. Last year at this time ... READ MORE

    More than one election ago, Adams County Justice Court Judge Charlie Vess said he was retiring and would not run for office again. Too illegit to quit, he changed his mind and ran again and won his seat again.  
    Now we've been informed that once again, Vess is in trouble with the state's ... READ MORE


  As her client entered a not guilty plea, Jackson attorney Lisa Ross hit the nail on the head. She used “shakedown” to describe the flavor of Mississippi’s unraveling corrections outrage. Exactly.
    The judicial wheeling and dealing continues. The big fly may avoid being swatted ...    READ MORE